Welcome to Chenjiapu

Great Wall Fresh is a restaurant, guest house and Chinese country home in Chenjiapu, a peaceful village beside a ramshackle stretch of the Great Wall.

Although just over an hour from Beijing, it is rarely visited by tourists – you can hike undisturbed along the wall for hours and return to cold beers and a meal prepared with just picked vegetables by your hosts, the Chen family.

Great Wall Fresh is on the Chen family’s farm. Their produce, grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers, is cooked according to simple country recipes. Rooms in the family home are basic but warm and cosy, and family members are happy to guide you over the area’s hills and through its valleys, on well planned hikes. They can also help you to get from Beijing to Chenjiapu.

Great Wall Fresh

Located within sight of the great wall at the
Chen family's farm in Chenjiapu village


Miles of unrestored Great Wall to explore,
close to Beijing but rarely visited by tourists


Enjoy traditional country cooking made with
fresh produce from the Chen family's farm

Photo Gallery

View photos of the Chen farm, where Great Wall Fresh
is located, and the Great Wall nearby


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You can also call Mr. Chen at:
(+86) 313 684 8161 (home)
(+86) 1361 126 4212 (cell)
Please note that Mr Chen does NOT speak English, Chinese only

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