Getting Here

Transportation to and from Great Wall Fresh needs to be organized at least one day in advance. When making a reservation you can specify whether you will drive yourself or arrange for the Chen family to pick you up from one of two locations.

Pick up by Chen Family
All guests wishing to be picked up must make a reservation at least one day in advance. The Chen family van takes a maximum of 6 people and can pick you up from these locations:

1. Huilongguan Subway Station on Line 13
The Chen family can also pick you up from the Huilongguan subway station on line 13.
Subway: A few yuan depending on point of entry
Chen family pickup: 300 RMB one way

2. Yanqing Railway Station
This is the most reliable way to get to Chenjiapu as the Beijing-Tibet highway is often jammed up. Take the S2 Train from Beijing North Station to Yanqing Station.
Train schedule, Baidu map page for Beijing North (Chinese), train schedule (Chinese)
Train: Around 20 yuan return depending on train
Chen family pick up: 80 yuan one way if eating at Great Wall Fresh, add 20 yuan per person if no dining

3. Yanqing Bus Station
Take the 919 bus from Deshengmen Bus Station to Yanqing. There is a direct express bus that has no stops between Deshengmen and Yanqing which is the best way to go. Exit the bus at Jing Zhang Lukou Bei (京张路口北), the last stop.
Bus ticket: 12 yuan per person one way
Chen family pickup: 80 yuan one way if eating at Great Wall Fresh, add 20 yuan per person if no dining

Drive yourself

1. Take the G6 also called Jingzang Expressway (京藏) and head for Badaling (note: this road used to be called Badaling Expressway 八达岭高速). You can get onto the Jingzang Expressway from the Second Ring Road at Deshengmen, or from the northern section any of the ring roads.
2. About an hour out of the city, pass the Badaling Great Wall and go through the Badaling Tunnel (八达岭隧道).
3. About 3 kilometers after the start of the Badaling  Tunnel, take Exit 62 (Yanqing City Area 延庆城区). Drive to the toll booth and pay (about 30 yuan).

Exit 62 - take this exit

4. About 200 meters after the toll booth, make a wide U-turn and get on the far right road next to the entrance toll booth to the Expressway (there’s a brown sign for “Holiday Snow”). Be careful to be on the very right on that road – it looks like a one way road, but it’s two way and there are some large trucks going at high speeds on this road.

Note that there is a “No U-turn” sign at the place where you have to u-turn. Don’t worry! You are actually making a big left turn, not technically doing a U-turn. Also, the sign has fine print specifying that it forbids trucks from U-turning. There are often police at this intersection and they will not stop you.

5. Carry on straight for a less than kilometer; when you get to a fork in the road just next to a cell phone tower, keep right (straight).
6. Just over a kilometer from the fork is a blue sign marking a turn off to the left “People’s Graveyard 人民公墓”. Take this road, and drive straight for more than 4 kilometers, past a weird villa development that looks really out of place against a mountainside, past Bangshuiyu village. When you get to a fork in the road with a military base on your right, stick right. At this fork there is a large sign to Shixia village and the road is designed to guide you that way, but you want to stick right.
Shortly after the fork, the asphalt road turns to concrete, with potholes. Welcome to Hebei Province! Carry on driving until you see this:

Chen family farm

Welcome to Great Wall Fresh!

You can see the Chen family farm on Google Maps.

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Please note that Mr Chen does NOT speak English, Chinese only

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